Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 9

Given the opportunity to pick a piece to read for this week, I immediately knew my choice would be focused on sports. The first piece I thought of was one I remember reading a couple months back, a profile of Michael Jordan in ESPN the magazine. The piece does a wonderful job of highlighting the competitive nature still lingering in Jordan. I felt I came away knowing more about Michael Jordan the person, while so many other articles focus on his pedigree as a player. It is a longer piece, but definitely an enjoyable read (although I'd probably read anything about Jordan so take my opinion as you will).

The piece I chose to focus on though is a collection of articles from a 2009 edition of Sports Illustrated. My favorite of the collection is a piece titled "Tigertown" by Lee Jenkins. The piece addresses the importance of the Tigers within the struggling Detroit and how the team is helping to build up the struggling city. I particularly enjoyed the piece because it highlights what the presence of a team can do for a city. In addition to this, Jenkins provides a mini-profile of Tigers' owner Mike Illitch as well as images of the city.

I found the rest of the pieces within the collection to be interesting as well, including one by Mitch Albom. For those interested in baseball or Detroit, I suggest perusing the entire collection.

Couldn't help but include a picture of the fountain displaying the Tigers' support...

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